Max, Auntie Aggie and Morag the Rabbit are unable to perform live shows for the time being. The McDougalls are working round the clock to keep you and your family entertained at home.

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All content is FREE, but we we ask grown ups to 'Pay What You Think' to support The McDougalls:


1. Choose a device to watch: a tablet, a smart phone, computer or TV?

2. Get ready in the room. Grown ups can join in too! Why not set up your room as a mini McDougalls theatre by closing curtains and dimming lights!

3. Tune into our Facebook page or YouTube channel just before 11am. If you cannot see the broadcast event, refresh your screen. It will be there.

4. At 10am, check you can hear our pre-show music - adjust your volume to suit. If you cannot hear, there is something wrong at your end.

5. We suggest WiFi (avoid 3G) for sound and video quality - the show relies on the quality of YOUR home broadband on the day.

6. We will update our Facebook page with any technical delays from our end - hopefully this shouldn’t happen, but Morag the Rabbit is still learning how to use the camera in our makeshift studio!

7. Showtime! Get ready to join in and make lots of noise! During the show, keep on tagging your friends and leave comments for The McDougalls telling us who is watching.

8. Start a Facebook Watch Party with your friends and join in with each other!

9. After the show, we’d love it if you could leave a “Pay What you Think” donation towards producing the content. Or maybe you’d love to buy one of our DVDs, CDs, T-Shirts and other goodies by clicking here

10. If you miss the show don’t worry! That day’s video will always stay on Facebook until 6pm. So you can rewatch it as often as you like and tag your friends. Or tune in the following day at 11am!