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"With the colourful sets, the energetic characters and the wonderful music, this is 5 star family fun!"  UK Theatre Net

"Professional and engaging.  Incredibly upbeat and fun for all.  Our audience come back time and time again!"  Harbour Arts Centre Irvine

"Fantastic show.  Children and staff just loved it.  Would highly recommend to other schools and centres"  Cumbernauld Primary School


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0141 266 0058

Why Book for Your Theatre, Hall or Arts Centre?

The McDougalls Theatre Company works with promoters and venue managers to produce a high-quality experience for all its audiences.  For many younger children, a 'McDougalls Show' is their first encounter of live theatre and we work alongside every touring venue in partnership (i.e. Partner Theatres) to create this as engaging an experience as possible.  


Every Partner Theatre is given a Marketing & Press Pack to assist with the event.  If applicable, full technical specifications are also sent in advance to your Technical Manager.

One-off Shows or Seasons?

The McDougalls Theatre Company offers two types of work for Partner Theatres.


The first is a standalone performance, which for our target audience works well as either a 11am, 1pm or 2pm matinee.  This is a one-off performance as part of our annual touring schedule.


Secondly, we work with Partner Theatres on resident seasons, either of a production we currently tour, or as a custom commission for that one venue.  


Drop us a call to discuss your ideas on 0141 266 0058 or email us at .

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