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"With the colourful sets, the energetic characters and the wonderful music, this is 5 star family fun!"  UK Theatre Net

"Professional and engaging.  Incredibly upbeat and fun for all.  Our audience come back time and time again!"  Harbour Arts Centre Irvine

"Fantastic show.  Children and staff just loved it.  Would highly recommend to other schools and centres"  Cumbernauld Primary School




Primary Schools

June 2018


Suitable for Nursery to P7.

Fits assembly halls.


Call: 0141 266 0058


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Price:  £200

Set Up Time: 1 hour

Performance: 50 mins approx


This show is created around the Curriculum for Excellence.



Fasten your seat-belts and get ready to travel through time in this brand new show for schools...


Go back to the past with The McDougalls and find the answers to a tricky puzzle book.  Learn about the Age of the Dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt, a Medieval Castle and a Victorian Schoolroom in this interactive musical adventure through live music, singalong songs, puppetry and audience participation.  


Can you help them solve the History Mystery?  Will they make it home for tea?  

Or will they get lost in time forever?

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